“Rudy can instantly see into the heart of a script, fall in love with it, and help it become its best self. He creates that perfect balance of challenge and safety that lets writers, actors, designers do their best work. Every time he’s directed my work, it’s been a joyride—and yet we went further than I could imagine.”—Reina Hardy, playwright


“I’m still not sure how he does it, but he consistently manages to organize chaos into beautiful, fun, revolutionary theatre. He’s my director of choice—both to work with and to see shows from.”—Winnie Hsia, Owner and CEO, Sky Candy Aerial Arts


“Rudy brought crucial insight and enabled us to take bigger risks within the play. His understanding of both the cultural context and the nature of musicals created the perfect incubator for our work.”—Damien Luxe and Ariel SpeedWagon, writers and performers


“Rudy runs a room beautifully. He keeps everyone focused on the task at hand, but holds space for actors to explore, discover, and make mistakes. He pushes everyone around him to be a better artist — not to mention a more thoughtful and compassionate human being.”—Diana Grisanti, playwright


“As a mom of a young actress that has witnessed him work with actors of various ages, I am continually impressed by his respect for others. He sees qualities in others that they might not realize that they have, and he pushes boundaries.  After working with Rudy, the actors seem to blossom and redefine their own capabilities.”—Nicole Spradling, parent


“Rudy Ramirez is a dream director for me. He is direct and precise. He uses compassion and the collaboration of individual human beings as the primary tool in serving the story. He’s smart. Honest. Patient. He’s the kind of man that demands excellence in such a way as to make you open yourself fully to be shaped by his intention.”—Sarah Marie Curry, actor


“Rudy is one of a kind. He transforms people in the space. I can’t tell you how many times he has shifted my thinking of, not only my character, but my craft. Rudy challenges actors and helps us shed our insecurities and doubts and what results is a consistent, brilliant and unique confidence that is rare in the theater world.”—Gricelda Silva, actor


“Rudy know how to get things done. He knows how to bring people together. He knows how to create a rehearsal room where performers feel safe enough to do dangerous work. He is an advocate for all kinds of work but especially work that is new and ambitious. You want to be on his team.”—Sarah Saltwick, playwright


“Not only is Rudy open to being challenged – he welcomes it! Having space as an actor to ask questions and pose different possibilities is such a rare, gift and Rudy offers it freely. He is unrelenting when it comes to making work that tells the truth, no matter how painful or sublime it may be.”—Krysta Gonzales, actor and playwright


“Rudy is a gift to actors.  His ability to connect and draw on personal experiences, in order to create a more fully formed character, while providing a safe and supportive space to tread those sometimes treacherous depths, is unparalleled.”—Andrea Smith, actor


“As a director, he offers strength, kindness, wisdom, and playfulness. The projects he selects are always powerful because he strives for a blend of what is important and what is entertaining. Furthermore, Rudy’s ability to assemble the perfect team for the job is uncanny, bordering on magical.”—Olivia Jimenez, actor


“Whether you’re an actor, writer, or designer, you are in great hands. He’s smart, thorough, playful, warm and honest truth-teller…all the things you need from a great director. He creates a safe space and that encourages play and honesty. I’ve made some of my largest leaps and bounds as an artist working with him.”—Nickclette Izuegbu, actor


“In my memories of working with Rudy Ramirez, it is his ability to create a safe space, one of acceptance, love and freedom, that stands out most. Rudy knows his technique, to be sure, and he is an excellent technical director, but what makes him unique is his ability to amass a tribe of dedicated, loyal artists who trust him absolutely.”—Joseph Garlock, actor


“Rudy’s work is so attentive to needs of the actor–personally, artistically, and professionally. He has a keen eye in knowing how to challenge the actor beyond where they’d imagine they could go, while leaving room for the actor to feel safe and secure in their performance. Respect, acceptance, love, and a good laugh is always in the room.”—Ja’Michael Darnell, actor